Who is Amélie?

Advisor. Voyager. Supernova.

amélie smiling while surrounded by glowing particles
Photography by Nick Fancher

As a Product Strategist, I blend research, product management, business, and data to create impeccable user experiences.

Prior to becoming a full-time consultant, I led and collaborated on design initiatives at companies like The New York Times, Google, Facebook, Apple, eBay, Adobe, Travelers Insurance, Booz Allen Hamilton, VenueBook, and Lola.

When I’m not guiding startups away from UX black holes, you can find me singing karaoke, roller skating, or writing.

A black hat, faux gray fur, and a star-shaped pocket watch sit atop a wooden table

Move with Nuance & Care

Inspired by Silicon Valley, society encourages entrepreneurs and creators to “move fast and break things.” But what happens when those “things” are people? A new app can disrupt a market while unleashing destruction on a community.

Your solutions and products don’t exist in isolation; they will impact others. My design advising approach works against the all-or-nothing SV model, with layers of thoughtfulness, nuance, community, and co-creation.

Ready to collaborate?

I created User Space Craft to help companies audit and improve underperforming products.

Core Values


Strive for openness; Communicate directly, clearly, and often.


Anticipate the needs of others, with kindness.


Know when to let go of things that no longer serves you.


Ask questions to clear uncertainty around intent.


Co-create with those around you to support and uplift those who’ve yet to arrive.


Hold space for and listen to the voices of those often silenced or ignored.