Meet User Space Craft

Building a business is a labor of love and should reflect who you are—unapologetically.

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The year is 1998, and I’m basking in the blue glow of my brand-new desktop computer. I’ve just popped in the copy of Encyclopædia Britannica that came with the machine. When the program finally loaded, the first thing I typed was “outer space.” I spent the next few hours poring through articles about space and the solar system, enchanted by images of heavenly bodies I dreamed of exploring one day.

You see, space was always a motif in my life, but as I built my web design business, I didn’t factor my love of space into my entrepreneurial endeavors. Excuses like “that’s weird” or “people won’t get it” kept me from being myself with clients. I believed my personality should be separate from business, and that rigid mindset stuck with me for almost two decades.

A new name that’s all me

Though Neopets and Geocities were great teachers, I no longer design websites, but my business is still around. Over the past two decades, I’ve built a robust product and user experience background. In 2022, I realized that it’s impossible to hide who I am—professionally and personally— and I decided to work on choosing a name for my business that reflected who I am and what I do.

User Space Craft means a lot of things. Still, ultimately it’s about advocating wholeheartedly for people (User), operating from a place of openness and infinite possibility (Space), and sharing over 20 years of experience with collaborators (Craft).

Put it all together, and you get: User Space Craft, a product consultancy creating interstellar product strategies for high-growth startups.

Oh, and I get to use lots of fun space motifs, which brings an energy to my work that even friends who’ve known me for a long time have said they notice a difference. 

Names, especially ones you love, imbue you with power and confidence.

A feature I did with The Upside around my business, its new name, name and my goals for 2023

So what’s next?

With this new name, I’ve recently relaunched my website. I’m looking forward to connecting with potential collaborators who want to work with User Space Craft to build products that benefit all.

If you (or you know of an organization) are looking to conduct a Product Audit or could use some product support through an Advisory Retainer, I’m your Captain Kirk. ✨

Send me a message, and let’s jam!

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