Advisory Retainer

Customized product and UX support.

Advisory Retainers with User Space Craft fall into four categories: Product Workshop, Design Review, UX Leadership, and Create Your Own.

Keep reading to find out what’s best for you. 👇🏿

Advise Me, Please 👽

💭 Product Workshop

“We have big ideas and need dedicated facilitation to explore them.”

Deep collaboration that explores new problems under tight time constraints. Workshops rely on facilitation and structured creativity to generate and test untried concepts.

  • Great for: exploring new concepts without heavy investment.
  • You’ll gain: original and validated product development possibilities.

✅ Design Review

“Our design team is small and needs regular feedback and guidance.”

Detailed assessment of existing work for design teams needing extra support. Design Reviews involve feedback on a few key pages or flows that could use another perspective.

  • Great for: quick, tactical feedback that improves user experience.
  • You’ll gain: a detailed backlog of UX issues to update and resolve.

🧱 UX Leadership

“We’re ready to build the foundations of a strong and capable UX practice.”

Expert mentorship and fundamental operations for budding design teams. UX Leadership is fractional and shapes design operations, team culture, and cross-functional collaboration.

  • Great for: companies that need part-time design leadership support.
  • You’ll gain: the beginnings of a sustainable and healthy design org.

🚀 Create Your Own

“We need help with a problem and really want to work with you.”

Customized support tailored to the specifics of your situation. Create Your Own lets you decide how you want to collaborate with me.

  • Great for: teams wanting product support for a specific problem.
  • You’ll gain: a trusted collaborator to help define product strategy and direction.